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Welcome to my Author Website. 

I hope that you find all that you need here, and a whole lot more. You can connect with me via FaceBook, or click on my face-shot to send me an email. 

To buy a signed copy of any of my books, send me an email [click on the face-shot] and I will invoice you via PayPal or tell you where to send a cheque.

"Dr Lovatt strikes me as the kind of fellow I'd like to hang out with and talk philosophy (or any subject) over fish and chips and a pint of Guiness. His writing is – to quote one of my old professors from Middlesex College, Dr. Gaffigan  – "crisp, crackling, and biting as a winter breeze." The union of compelling ideas and good writing is in short supply these days. Dr Lovatt's book is a refreshing reminder that some people still think… and write remarkably well." [Edward Moore STL PhD,]
"You have the patience of Job, the sharpness of mind and the deepness of thought of the kind of philosopher and theologian that I once thought gone for good from the Catholic intelligentsia." [A Catholic priest]
"I have come to know you from your writings and you videos over the internet. I must confess that before I had known you my youth was as aimless as a leaf being blown by the wind, but through your writings I have come to have an understading of life for which I am very grateful to you. 

I would like it if we could converse more about philosophy via e-mail. I live in Poland. I live in poverty, as a choice. I am a male 22 years of age. I need much guidance from you. 

I think its poeple like you whom we are lacking in the modern world. You are the Socrates of wisdom. It's is very unfortunate that your talents have not been recognized around the world. The world must have thrown you out in the bin like every worthy individual in history. I wish you were lecturing at university or getting published in journals, but unfortunately not. 

Ah well they don't deserve you, Stephen!"
[An unsolicited communication (July 2017)]

"I agree with Dr Lovatt as to the destructiveness of much modern philosophy and the need to return to its classical roots. An OFSTED inspector once told me that I wasn't doing 'real philosophy' when teaching Plato. Only linguistics qualified in his view!"

"I strongly agree that education is for its own sake, not for vocational and economic reasons. Dr Lovatt advocates a return to 'traditional educational practice' (p. 295) yet what he seems really to long for is more in keeping with the ideals of those "liberals" like me." [Derek Jay PGCE BA]

"For myself, a man in a blinkered life here in this corrupted Eden, it's a step too far to share his faith, and in my mind raises the question why some people are predisposed to a belief in the Christian God and an afterlife. Is the whole thing just a matter of acculturation, or are some of us closer to God than the rest? And how are we supposed to spend our eternity?

I don't know the answer, but Stephen Lovatt explores the question in an extremely eloquent and thought provoking way." [Peter Cowlem]