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"Dr Lovatt strikes me as the kind of fellow I'd like to hang out with and talk philosophy (or any subject) over fish and chips and a pint of Guiness. His writing is to quote one of my old professors from Middlesex College, Dr. Gaffigan  "crisp, crackling, and biting as a winter breeze." The union of compelling ideas and good writing is in short supply these days. Dr Lovatt's book is a refreshing reminder that some people still think and write remarkably well." [Edward Moore STL PhD,]
"You're an excellent writer and poet in my humble opinion. Always enjoy your writing. It touches the mind, the heart, the soul and the emotions." [Gerald Peter Wensveen]
"Dr Lovatt's poetry is really beautiful, superb" [Liggy Webb,]
"I read some of your poetry and think it is beautiful. Wish I could write like that, but I can see that you were deeply inspired. Poetry like that only comes at certain times in one's life. I could not fault it either. On first reading it all flowed easily. You love with no reservation. In some ways I envy you your love. I always have doubts about mine." [Private correspondence from a female reader.]
"I read your poems and wow they remind me so much of this boy I'm so in love with like 'Him'; and the one where you say he touched you. I just wanted to let you know that I love these poems." [Private correspondence from a male reader.]
"Your poems really hit the spot and are heart warmingly felt with pasion and delight!"  [Private correspondence from a male reader.]
"Stephen has the patience of Job, the sharpness of mind and the deepness of thought of the kind of philosopher and theologian that I once thought gone for good from the Catholic intelligentsia. I await his next book to appear! Thank you for being willing to discuss questions which 'everybody thinks of but nobody dares to ask.'" [Private correspondence from a Roman Catholic Priest]
"I am delighted by both your gay and traditional Catholic themes, as well as by the clear and eloquent manner in which you explain and explore philosophical and theological ideas." [Private correspondence from a lay Catholic]
"Thanks for the traditionalist views and research. It's true, we have lost so much in all the confusion. Does anyone know what a real Catholic is anymore?" [Private correspondence from a lay Catholic]
"My prayer is that God will continue to bless you and be with you in your walk through life and that he will give you many opportunities to minister to others in a very powerful and meaningful way." [Private correspondence from a lay Catholic]
"I've always leaned toward Platonism. You're the first person who ever suggested to me that a return to Platonism is the solution for many difficulties in the church! 'Radical traditionalist' indeed! I'm also struck by the clarity and balance of your thought. We deal continuously in cyberspace with conservatives that can't entertain the possibility of change." [Private correspondence from a lay Catholic]
"After many years, I finally found someone with whom I could agree... Take care, and God bless you. What impresses me the most is the lucidity of your statements, in spite of the most blatant opposition." [Private correspondence from a lay Catholic]
"I'm a 21 year old, queer Catholic living in a university town within America's Bible Belt. Many of your comments are particularly pertinent to my parish as I constantly see debates and debaucles between 'conservatives' and 'liberals' or 'orthodox' and 'heretics' as some put it. Your [words] make such petty bickering (which I choose to avoid) seem even more infantile. As I serve as a Sacristan for my parish, I am constantly trying to find ways of approaching the holiness of the mass and the dignity of catholicism with greater reverance. I would like to conclude by saying I hope your voice finds its way to more ears needing to hear a little more reason." [Private correspondence from a lay Catholic]
"I appreciate especially your reasoning on matters. Logical engagement is not my finest strong point as I rather intuit or come from a poetic perspective, so it is most helpful to see someone coming at matters logically. I only wish I had discovered your book when I was coming out as an undergraduate, reading through stacks of works to think through the matter, and finding myself up against a brick wall with regard to current Vatican statements and the relatively poor pastoral care of priests in helping me wade through. I might have found more grounds for staying and dissenting." [Private correspondence from a lay Anglican - ex Catholic]