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Meet my Dahlias

My Dahlia Patch in Basingstoke

My Cream Spiky Dahlia.

My Pink and Yellow Pom-Pom Dahlia.

My Pink Starburst Dahlia.

My Yellow and Pink Anemonoe Dahlia.

My Red and Yellow Pom-Pom Dahlia.

My Pink and White Anemonae Dahlia.

My Bishop of Llandaff Dahlia.

My White and Yellow Pom-Pom Dahlia.


 My Garden in Basingstoke

My purple magnolia

My heather rockery

My Cottage Garden Border.

My Ornamental Thistle.

My red rambling rose.

My scented yellow and pink rose.


My House Plants

One of my Begonia Rex.

My red Amarylis

One of my bromeliads.

My giant begonia: yes it is about six feet tall: and that's Erik the Viking.

My Christmas Cactus in full bloom.

My Pineapple: I grew this from a "cut off top", just like the one growing out of this fruit.